New remote controlled Eko Jet Wave JWB-4600 is a modern, stylish and highly effective smart bidet. With a combination of elegant, ergonomic design and innovative, eco-friendly technology, you are given a clean, hygienic, gentle, and thorough wash at all times.


The Eko Jet Wave JWB-4600 Smart Bidet comes with a LED night light, comfortable heated seat, warm water wash with a self-clean stainless steel nozzle and warm air dryer


The Eko Jet Wave JWB-4600 Smart Bidet offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience with unique, practical design and features that takes into consideration the needs of not just the young, but also the middle-aged and most importanly elderly. Eko JetWave has a unique Jet function designed for strong stream to help with minor consitapition problems. Plus all of our Eko JetWaves have Massage function with pulsating warm water stream soothes and helps if struggling from haemorrhoids. Our smart bidets keep you clean and healthy.


Easily Install this aesthetic, luxurious, and functionally designed Eko Jet Wave in your home and experience as the innovative water and air diffusion technology works its magic to gently massage and pamper you with each toilet break. 




  • Remote control: Eko JetWave JWB-4600 operates by a remote control with wallmount frame. Our remote is comfortable to hold in both hands, with easy to function buttons.


  • LED Night Light: We added a night LED light. Its ambient glow will guide you right to Eko JetWave even in complete darkness.


  • Slender, Sleek, Innovative Design: The JWB-4600 is not bulky and fits any existing toilet bowl perfectly. This 5.3 inch height bidet comes with an innovative, elegant and compact design that offers comfortable levelled seating and luxurious look to any washroom. 


  • Adjustable Temperature Settings: The Eko JetWave JWB-4600 Smart Bidet has  5 levels of warm water temperature settings. Continuous heating element inside Eko JetWave provides you with an endless feed of heated water. You can be sure to have soothing warm water flowing through the stainless steel nozzle every time you use this bidet.


  • Natural Air Bubble Infusion Wash: The Eko Jet Wave toilet seat bidet has a specially designed cleaning nozzle that delivers&nbs