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At Eko Technologies Canada Inc. we specialize in high-end quality hygiene equipment for personal use. Our smart bidets are equipped with latest technologies that have been tested on various markets.

Eko JetWave series are electric bidet toilet seats that are designed to fit almost any existing toilet with simple installation. For exceptional comfort and practicality JetWave is equipped with adjustable 5 levels of temperature for heated seat, water and dryer.

Slim design of Eko JetWave is made to look sleek and has comfortably levelled seat position. Combined with self cleaning full stainless steel nozzle and air infused water feed Eko JetWave delivers effective cleaning every time. Exclusive health benefits of Jet function and Massage mode helps with constipation problems, calms and aids haemorrhoids along with many other health problems. Our JetWave is suitable for children and conserves energy with 3 levels of PowerSave modes. Combined with Continuous water heating system JetWave will always be ready with warm welcome.

Gentle on-demand oscillating move of the nozzle during washing cycle delivers clean results every time with minimal effort.

Soft close lid and switchable night light make "night nature calls" less hectic and disturbing.

We have implemented air dryer with adjustable temperature control to make it possible to go 100% toilet paper free. Saving trees and lowering your monthly expenses.

Finally all our products are covered with 3 Year Limited Warranty automatically at our online store or registered with us if bought from our authorized retailers.

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Functions of eko jet wave
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Always refreshed feel of clean

Highest hygiene Standarts


Gentle and hygienic

Constipation Relief

Helps with Haemorrhoids 



Reduce your toilet paper use by as much as 100%, which ads up to100 rolls per year

Toilet seat fit design eko jet wave


Does a bidet seat need electricity? How long is the cord?

Yes, you will need to plug the bidet seat directly to a nearby grounded electrical outlet. The cord is approximately 3'6" long which comes to about 119 cm. The bidet toilet seat is compatible with any standard 120V outlet. Power for the EKO Jet Wave JWB-3600 is rated at 866W total.

Does a bidet seat need a hot water connection?

No. There is a water heater that heats the water supplied by the same water supply of your toilet tank, so there is no plumbing required. Necessary fitting will be provided. Please refer to our specification manual

How does the warranty work?

At Eko-bidet, we offer the highest quality bidet seats that will last for years to come. That's why all our products are backed by an outstanding warranty package. All our bidet seats have been rigorously tested for durability and reliability. In the unlikely event you have a problem with your bidet toilet seat, your first step is to contact us and we’ll troubleshoot the problem with you. If the problem can be fixed by sending you a spare part, like a new hose for example, we will do so. Or if we determine your remote control is not working properly, we’ll ship you a new remote. If the problem seems to be something mechanical inside your bidet seat, we’ll ask you to ship your bidet back to us. You will be responsible for one-way shipping fees, and once repaired, we will pay for shipping back to you. In effect, we split the cost of shipping. We offer 3 year limited warranty to all our Eko Jet Wave product line. If the product brakes and it was installed and used properly we will repair it for free.

Do I need to do any Plumbing work?

No. In most cases you don't need to do any plumbing work, exept connecting few hoses. All the necessary accessories will be provided.

Most common installation mistakes

1. Do not use plumbers thread sealing tape as it will damage the self-seal plastic connection and results in leakage 2. T-connector must be attached to the tank and not to the valve. 3. Make sure you have the right toilet seat fit size. For more info click here


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