At Eko Technologies Canada Inc. we believe that health is located just outside of Toronto and offers its products by the brand name eko

Our latest product is Eko JetWave JWB-3600 a universal smart bidet seat, that upgrades your regular toilet.

We understand that brand is not just a product it is also customer service, Our high commitment to Eco-responsobility in handling our business is a priority and believe that

We care: Eco-friendly, less paper consumption average family of 4 spends about $250 a year just for toilet paper

Value customer: fair trade fair pricing, user oriented products

high standards, fair

fairness on all stages customer loyalty.

We also have high hopes for 2021! We have planned to reach out to US market

By popular demand, we are introducing new model eko JetWave 4600 with remote control and night light


by the end of this very hopeful year we be rolling out exclusively for Canadian market our new all-in-one smart toilet eko JetWave ST1000.

innovative technology

progress modern


forward thinking,

growing and